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What our clients are saying

We believe that the best way to showcase our commitment to quality results, top-notch service, and client satisfaction is through the experiences and feedback of those who matter most – you.

General Manager

Full Service Hotel

San Luis Obispo County, California

“It has been a pleasure working with Sarah.  Our Sales Department was struggling with our processes during COVID and with opening back up processes after COVID.  Sarah gave us a great foundation to see what needed to be researched and implemented .  Thank you Sarah for your dedication to our projects and keeping us moving forward!” 

Food & Beverage Director

Full Service Hotel

San Luis Obispo County, California

“With Sarah's help, we have updated systems and procedures to aid us in increasing profit margin, identifying new sales opportunities, and streamlining processes. She possesses a sharp business acumen and a comprehensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. Her attention to all the little details that go into creating an exceptional customer experience coupled with her innate ability to connect and motivate our team has provided us with results that were beyond our expectations!”

Sales Manager

Full Service Hotel

Silverton, Oregon

“Thank you for all your help over the past year! I appreciate the knowledge you've provided.”

Survey Results

"Very Satisfied"

100% of clients say they are "Very Satisfied" with the services provided by Kunkle Consulting

Top 3 Services

The top 3 services provided by Kunkle Consulting according to clients are:

1. Provision of Research & Data:

     Competitive Set Analysis, Industry Standards/Trends, Relevant Resources, Etc.

2. Food & Beverage Support

      and Recommendations

3. Package Design

      and Redesign

Top 3
Consultant Qualities

The top 3 consultant qualities of Kunkle Consulting according to clients are:


1. Professional/Knowledgeable


2. Prioritized Client's Needs


3. Provided Valuable Services


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